Eels and Escalators: Project Update #2


Today, we’ll be looking at the abstract element in “Eels and Escalators”. An abstract is a an ambiguous phase that brings a meaning to the game. In this case, Eels and Escalators is pretty much vague in term of meaning. For a start, the main theme is a big reference from Spongebob. The writers of Spongebob were clearly messing around with the idea, not knowing the details of the game to act as a “parody” to an actual game which is, Snakes and Ladder. My approach is to re-define the game from the show, to make it playable.

And Its done !!

Today was my first play test session


I gathered 3 players to really play test the game for the first time ever. The main objective is to get feedbacks which an important aspect in game designing especially during the first prototype.

Honestly, the game wasn’t complicated. I didn’t…

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