BLOG POST 7: First playtesting

Pippy in Australia

This week, we had to playtest our own game. But before that, I realised that my game was too complicated and most of the people I explained it to, didn’t understand it. So I decided to change it into ”ghost train game”, inspired by mechanics of Galaxy trucker. The game will be divided into two phases, in first building a sanctuary and in second playing the action cards. When I presented this idea to my colleagues, they instantly liked it and understood it much quicker.

Further details of the game are explained in attached rules.

I also created zone cards. They consist of water supply, animal enclosures, communication centre, kitchens, houses and finance centre.

I also created some action cards together with friends who participated in the first playtest.

The back side of action cards.



I played the game with two of my friends who have helped me with the game…

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