Second Play

Dawn's Disclosure

After reviewing the feedback from the first playtest and adjusting my game accordingly, I played my game again with a new group of participants during tutorial. This time, my game board was much larger, and I came prepared with a new set of rules.

board game larger pic.jpg

board game rules.png

The revised board and rules.

However, after editing the original rules, it came out to be a page longer and I discovered that the new participants were put off by the two pages of reading. They preferred to understand the game through verbalization, which proved to be difficult and confusing. Once a few turns were made during the game, the participants began to follow what was happening. They understood the general objective of the game, which was to reach the Safe Zone.

As I watched the participants play Don’t Let Them See You, I noticed that there was a steep learning curve. I found myself having…

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