The Material Philosophy of Simulation Mindy

A Quick Refresher

The product I am designing and creating is a digital choose-your-own-adventure style narrative. It will follow the story of a quantum computer scientist who wishes to create a simulated human society, and his test subject, Mindy, who lives inside the simulation.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Martin Heidegger argues through his concept of “object-oriented ontology” that objects exist independently of  their relationship to humans. It considers reality to be holistic, and not merely aggregations of complementary parts. This philosophy will build a strong framework for the structure of my game’s narrative. Although each page reveals more forks in the path and therefore more diverse story opportunities, I will need to consider each element as essential to the narrative, at an equal level, to ensure the consistency of the narrative world.

The philosophical carpentry of each page extends to the overall narrative microcosm through the creation of one holistic story, and…

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