BCM300 – Material Components of Individual Game

Eliza Appel

Using my initial idea from the previous class, Volcano Run, I had gone ahead and drawn up a small, rough board design with a linear shape as well as some basic rules and gameplay. Coming in to class, I got some blank cards and began to split them into my three main card types, ‘Watch Out!’, ‘Faster!’ and ‘Help!’. I started to write different scenarios on them for the different situations which would either help or hinder the play as well as adding to the overall narrative of the game. The hard part of these scenarios is coming up with different and interesting cards that would occur in a real situation such as this. I think some further research into actual volcanic eruptions and their consequences would actually help clear up this issue as well as inspire a lot more of the game.

31248170_1697980843617710_1046417307_o Blank cards and first linear design…

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