Eels & Escalators: Project Update #3


Welcome back to another project log,

The game is progressing towards a stable development for the past 3 weeks. As some of you might know, I did a play test session with a couple of mates last week. The feedback I got was:

  • Card system: Too much Eel Cards, made it almost impossible to reach the finish line.

Note: Eel Cards will force the next player to move back by (1)

I agree, we spent 30 minutes on the game and neither of us reached the “half way” line. It dragged the pacing of the game which made it “un-interesting” or “I just wanna get this over with”

Compared to UNO, it offers a variety of game changing power cards which promotes strategy. Players sabotage each other for their very own strategy.

Uno-Action-Cards.jpg Source: UNO

In my case, there are only 4 different cards (Eel, Escalator, Block, Reverse). The odds…

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