BULLSHIT – Material & Playtesting

Liam Prince

This week I took to the drawing board to physically create and build my game, Bullshit. My initial thoughts on the creation of the game were quite easy. Have two piles of cards, one containing true and false and the other containing a mix of strange, unique and basic images.

First, I need to understand how my game will progress. I aimed to create a game that was surface level deep and easy to set up, play and follow on when out at a party or gathered around that glass outdoor table that everyone has at their family home.


The objective of my game is to gain the most points by completing each round by misleading the group about the shown image on the playing card.


  • Bullshit Cards
  • Image Cards
  • Points Board
  • Alcohol (Optional)
  • Bullshit and Truth Paddles.

To set up the game, the players areā€¦

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