Final Rules and Reflection

This post will be final in relation to the development of my game, it will provide the final draft of the rules of my, yet to be named game, and detail my own learning within the subject.


Set Up

Each player receives one of each card with a red dot in the bottom right corner

Organise all other cards by energy generator type, renewable upgrades and robot parts

Ensure power points are accessible

Locate two dice

Game Play

To be able to play this game 3-4 players are required

The game is ended when a player powers all their robot parts

The player who ends the game wins

Set Up Cards

Each player rolls a die, the highest number takes the first turn, and following turns rotate clockwise

Turns consist of:

  1. Die/Dice Roll
  2. Card Activation
  3. Power Point Collection
  4. The potential purchase of energy generator or robot part (one purchase…

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