Mercenary Match : Progress

Studio A

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For the Mercenaries I have made Character Cards which have a picture of the mercenary, their name, class, race, Health Points and the Damage they deal on one side. On the other side there will be the mercenaries abilities, these involve: Magic Spells, Special Attacks, and Weaknesses.


There are 21 characters in total to be chosen in a players party, or the player can just choose one Merc. A party in RPG’s is basically just a team, in this case all under the control of one player (but usually not if an online game or a D&D style game where everyone plays as one character).
Source of Artworks: Pathfinder and DeviantArt.
Names of the Merc’s were randomly generated on This Website.

Tokens with the initials of each Mercenary were also made to represent that character on the map also to help in the…

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