Shipwreck Cove: Game Rules, Reflection and 2nd Playtest

The Fish Pond

Game making is not something I ever thought I would undertake, and it’s a process that has been far more challenging then first anticipated. There are far more components to creating a game than I ever truly realised, and each had a set of their own challenges, and obstacles I needed to overcome. Throughout this entire process, I did, however, learn that it is absolutely fine to scrap something that is not working, something that was needed many times when creating my game.

In the past, I would have done everything possible to make it work, even if there was no solution. Game making has taught me that having a failing component is not the worst thing. The pros and cons of each individual ship, the original shape of the board, and even the way the shipwreck tokens were used have either been scrapped, or redesigned, due to feedback I…

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