Mercenary Match : The End

Studio A

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Since the last post there’s been a lot to fix up, so this post is going to be filled with pictures of the progress I’ve made.

Mercenary Match- Rules document

2018-05-22 (1)2018-05-22 (2)

An example of how you would use an ability is to say “I’m going to use my Fire Ball spell on your Lizardfolk Shaman” Then roll a dice trying to get a 4 and over, Player gets a 5. The Fire Ball hits. If you roll under a 4 your attack misses completely, you don’t get to do a normal attack since you failed.

I then experimented with the map design.
The Before:
During a play test.


Making Progress:


Failing at recreating the map:
Bases don’t fit on the page, taped together anyways to show progress.


The Map:
Featuring the new Hexagonal grid design I mentioned in the play testing post.
This will make…

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