Eels & Escalators: Project Update #4 (FINAL)


Welcome to my last project log,

As mentioned in my previous post, the only thing that is pulling me back from my progress is the card calculation. I re-calculated the cards after my first play test 2 weeks ago, because the eel cards were overflowing the deck. But, during my second play test last week,  I just found out that the block cards were overflowing the deck as well.

I fixed the calculation and did another play test session with my housemates this time (with the new calculation), and it was perfect.

Here’s the new calculation:


  1. Eels : 17
  2. Escalators: 24
  3. Reverse: 12
  4. Block: 9

Total: 62 Cards

Note that I add an additional (1) card for Escalator and Reverse to balance the deck. This formula worked out pretty well during my 3rd play test session. It wasn’t easy to balance the “card system” because I had to play…

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