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Life of Cassie


Welcome to

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The board will have a number of pretty little liars characters faces on it. Someone will be playing as ‘A’. The aim of the game is to guess who ‘A’ is by eliminating contestants on your board by asking yes or no questions. The person to guess correctly who ‘A’ is wins.


·       Aria Montgomery

·       Hanna Marin

·       Emily Fields

·       Spencer Hastings

·       Alison DiLaurentis

·       Mona Vanderwaal

·       Byron Montgomery

·       Ella Montgomery

·       Mike Montgomery

·       Ezra Fitzgerald

·       Toby Cavanaugh

·       Ashley Marin

·       Lucas Gottesman

·       Caleb Rivers

·       Darren Wilden

·       Melissa Hastings

·       Peter Hastings

·       Veronica Hastings

·       Mary Drake

·       Alex Drake

·       Ian Thomas

·       Wren Kingston

·       Garrett Reynolds

·       Pam Fields

·       Wayne Fields

·       Maya St. Germain

·       Paige McCullers

·       Jason DiLaurentis

·       Jessica DiLaurentis

·       Kenneth DiLaurentis

·      …

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