Prototype Session 2

Life of Cassie


This week in class we started to prototype with making some game rules and mechanics as well as continue to structure our boards/cards etc. This week I came into class and basically threw out my old idea for the game board and started to produce a new one. This is due to some of the games I had been trying to draw ideas from, changing the way I wanted to present my game board.

Basically it all started when I downloaded the game rules to the ‘Mystery of the Abby’ and looked at my ‘Cluedo’ game board. I wanted something that had rooms, so that way these rooms on the board could be used to solve a mystery. Which is how I used the idea of the dollhouse.

My first board had 4 different components:

  • Rosewood
  • The woods
  • Ravenswood
  • The dollhouse

Though for the kind of…

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