BCM300: Bar Crawlers – Game Rules


I designed my game around the typical events of a night out in the city. You are a group of friends that decide to go on a wicked night out in Sydney. To win the game you must complete the bar crawl involving 10 bars/clubs lined up. Essentially, it’s a semi-responsible drinking game without the actually drinking. However, in no way do I wish to positively advertise alcoholism with the creation of this game… thus I have added slight mechanics/rules to reward the most responsible at the end of each round of turns.

With further feedback received through play testing during the week, I’ve introduced more characters. There are three male characters to chose from and three female characters to chose from. Depending on the character you chose, you must strategically move through the game board acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses.

Another mechanic I’ve introduced to my game this week were…

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