BLOG POST 9: Final rules and reflection

Pippy in Australia

This week I had another playtest.  I realised that my game, though simple, can focus on educating and get children interested in this topic, that is why I finally decided on incorporating animal cards in the game, to show additional information about the animals saved.

Animal cards:

I did some small changes to the rules, to make more sense and decided to change the number of place cards back to 16 since 20 cards were too much.


I also decided that the action cards are going to affect all of the players otherwise, the game can become boring for other players. The action cards presented are only a few of the action cards included in the game. The maximum number is 24, which will make the game a bit longer and more entertaining.


I also created two prototypes of the animals figurines that will be placed in animals spaces. They…

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