Wk 3, Pt. 2 – Narrative of Group Assignment

Notions of Mine

In the distant future, the earth has all but died, it’s resources all but depleted, each land mass overpopulated to starvation. That is the reality which propels humanity to search for a new home. Mars.

It’s a common trope in sci-fi. Mars is the next frontier to be conquered in our modern age space race, so naturally it inspires many stories of colonisation, exploration, aliens and disaster in all manner of works of fiction and in popular culture.

Image result for the martian Maaaaaaaaatt Damon. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what this is from… But just in case.)

In the story for our group project, our narrative is not too dissimilar. The citizens of Earth begin colonising Mars, however resources on their new home are scarce. Fearing starvation, some people even turn to cannibalism to survive. Earth sends the last of their resources to Mars to stave off this grim future, however the ship…

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