Wk 4, Pt. 6 – Mechanics, algorithms, Rules

Notions of Mine

I’m not a person who plays a lot of board games (the flashy ones on the screen are more my forte). So when I try to compare the game that we’ve been creating in class to another board game title, the effort is completely lost on me. With a furrowed brow, I typed the words into google: “grid based exploration board games”; nothing like what we had created came up.

Image result for D and D mapsExample of a D&D Dungeon map. Note the grid which scales to approximately 5 metres of space. Players have usually the ability to move up to 30 metres in one turn and can utilize these squares to measure distance and location.

Our game draws from many different elements of many different games. Having played a lot of D&D previously we were used to games that utilised a grid-based movement system and a turn-based action structure.

We chose to make…

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