Wk 7, Pt. 5 – Account of Initial Ideas for IP

Notions of Mine

During a class activity we were asked to brainstorm 10 board game ideas in order to spurn inspiration for our individual projects. We were given a time limit of 5 minutes, so that was 2 ideas every 30 seconds, roughly. I managed to make it to 9, and thought I would dump those ideas here for this blog.

  1. An Indiana-Jones styled ‘avoid the boulder’ type game – Physical game like Mouse Trap in which you mash a button as fast as your can to avoid your little character getting squished by the ball.

    Inspiration for game #1 – the ‘Avoid the boulder” game.

  2. Strategy Card Game with a dice element which can affect actions and draw rates
  3. Populate and Dominate – Players ‘breed’ their race to dominate the board. There are a certain amount of turns. Certain tiles provide bonuses or hindrances.
  4. Superheroes – Draw some traits at random. Some…

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