Wk 10, Pt. 8 – Confrontation

Notions of Mine


To some degree, almost every single board game has it – even the cooperative ones. In the format that exists within my game, Start Up!, the players are directly competing against each other. However, there is no direct confrontation or conflict. In fact, adding the element of the “points for creativity” in my game, there is an added layer of strategy and cooperation in a game that is otherwise completely competitive.

bleh This was actually pretty fun to do.

There was no time for a play-test this time around, however I was able to look to my online community on discord for some suggestions about the concept, as well as to aid in the brainstorming of some words.

This activity actually aided in concept development – it showed that people were willing to throw out words and ideas, and that people definitely had a thought process behind their flow of…

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