Wk 11, Pt. 9 – Game Rules/Dossier Preparation

Notions of Mine

startup art Concept for Start-Up! Box art. 

Articulating my game rules in a clear and simple way is probably the most difficult experience of this game creation so far. I have a tendency to mash words terribly; I’m probably the world’s worst explainer-er (see what I mean?). I am using this blog post as practice at streamlining the rules so that they may fit in one single card.

About the game:
Start-Up! Is a card game that can be played with as few as four players and can include as many players as you would like (within practicality, of course). Each player takes the role of an entrepreneur, using the flashcards that the Investor draws as inspiration to create a product or start-up business venture idea. The investor chooses who to ‘invest’ their time in by granting them a large bonus in points, while each entrepreneur chooses their favourite answer from each…

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