Wk 8, Pt. 6 – Detail Ind. Game Materials

Notions of Mine

Despite my high hopes for what would have been a great addition to the D&D universe, due to time constraints in this semester (and also life being lifey) I have decided to go forward with one of the more simpler (and ironic) games that I came up with – the Brainstorming Game. Something similar to this already exists for entrepreneurs taking classes (and is something we engaged with previously in BCM112 for our digital artifact ideas) however, I wanted to make something more focused on having fun with a group of people, engaging the silliness of our creative minds.

Disruptus has a similar premise however the game is much more complicated than my proposed idea.

My idea for my “Start-Up!” Card game is to have a series of flash cards with word suggestions on it. 3 cards are drawn from a shuffled pile by a judge. Each other player then…

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