BCM300 blog post 1

Shania Jay

During week two of our BCM300 class my group and I played the board game Carcassonne. The game Carcassone is a Euro-style strategy game that is created by a German designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede and published by Hans im Gluck and then published in English by Rio Grande games. The game Carcassonne is named after a French city which shares the same name (city as pictured below).


It is a tile placement game which allows the players to create the landscape as every turn progresses and a new tile and new part of the land will be created. The landscape includes farmland, roads and cities.

Initially we found the rules to be too complex for us and there was a lot of elements that we couldn’t get our heads around such as the scoring of different area but after we all read the rules like three times we soon got the…

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