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‘Swimming with the Fishes’ is a prototype board game in early stages of development. The premise of the game is surrounding a Pirate Ship battle/showdown, where each player will try to be the final Ship still afloat.

The game is played using an armature of ships connected at the center that rotate around the compass/whirlpool simultaneously. Each round of combat occurs simultaneously for each player, meaning events within each round of combat occur at the same time – if two (or more) players die in the same round, they both loose. This game could be played by anyone from a young child to an adult due to its simple mechanics.

Combat Events:

  1. One player will roll a d8 to determine the movement of all payers within the turn. Players will land on Attack or Repair.
  2. Each player will draw an event card. These cards come into effect immediately.
  3. Players will…

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