BCM 300 | Splendor

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“The game can be explained in five minutes and can play in half an hour”

In the first week of the BCM 300 subject at university I was privileged enough to play the board game; Splendor. I had heard about this game but had never played it first-hand.

The game had been developed by Space Cowboys – who also
created Elysium and Black Fleet – it was created by Marc Andre and was
graphically designed by Pascal Quidault.

The premise of the game is that each player is a gem merchant of the renaissance – buying gems and purchasing cards which give prestige points – with the main goal to win with 15 prestige points.

In terms of the mechanics of this game, from my first-hand
experience I noticed that the game has a ramp up, where the players will build
their resources slowly at the beginning over about fifteen…

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