BCM300 – Stealing Starfish! (pt. 2, Group Prototype)


After playing several different board games with my group over the weeks, it was time to use this experience to theorize and prototype our own board game. From solid teamwork and the materials available to us, we were able fairly quickly to theorize a simple functioning game and prototype some of the mechanics which gave us our final prototype. Straight away, using the ‘Meeple’ provided, we decided they looked like Starfish and begun to use this premise. With the abundance of Starfish and in many colours, it was then logical for us to create the game around the acquisition and maintenance of these collections of Starfish.  We knew we didn’t want something complex, we wanted it to be easy to pick up and learn, but also be fun to continue playing, so we settled on making this a Family Game, called ‘Stealing Starfish’. A quick search for ‘Starfish’ on BoardGameGeek.com

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