BCM300- Who stole all the starfish??

Shania Jay

During class in week 4 my group consisting of myself, Loui, Dylan, Floyd and Sophie sat down and created some ideas for our first board game prototype. We were given a few materials to work with such as playing cards, a scoring card and ‘meeples’ (tiny colourful wooden looking humans). We bounced around some ideas for a theme. I initially thought of the idea to collect fish in a fishtank and become the ultimate fish breeder and after analysing our materials we realised that we should keep the idea of collecting a marine animal but change it to starfish. We then settled on the idea of incorporating starfish into our game because the meeples pieces looked like colourful starfish and we thought that was a more unique idea to capture our audience.

That’s where our idea of our board game Stealing Starfish first came into the picture.

Our theme concept…

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