yes, new players will enjoy it

I have to admit …that the board game is a brand new territory for me. I feel like I was a newborn kitten, sneak into the room with a heart full of curious and a bit of anxiety.

Luckily, the one we played on Week one was a basic and classic version of Carcassonne, a game that always appeared in the top of the list of recommendations for new gamers. The one who created this game is a German named Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and published in 2000 by Hans im Glück in German. He mentioned in an interview his idea about the game emerged from his trip in Carcassonne city. Just like Mark Rosewater raised on GDC, resonance is important. Wrede built upon the knowledge that pre-existed on players mind about a Europe city well-known for its city wall in the Middle age.

The rules…

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