Get your University degree! (through a board game) – BCM300_blog 2


Yo dawg, we heard you liked University so much, that you wanted to go through the whole experience again whilst still completing your own degree!(‘Xzibit Yo Dawg’ meme, 2007, appropriately used in this situation)

A quick summary of what our group’s (Brooke, Tate, and Ijumaa) board game idea is:

A fast tracked version of progressing to achieve a bachelor’s degree with your friends (in which realistically your friends do different degrees too most of the time), going through similar temptations and routines (excessive coffee intake and sleepless nights) in hopes of reaching that golden mark required to graduate.

Seems relatable right?

We are hoping to ultimately capture the essence of the life-cycle a Uni student goes through as part of its game mechanics, but at the same time only include the most essential parts to prevent it from being over-complicated and hard to understand (omg just like real uni…

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