The Cat Game: A Prototype

Sunny Commandeur

After a few weeks of playtesting, study, and industry research on the boardgames, it was time that we had a go at designing one ourselves. Grace, Verity, Meggen and I banded together with the goal of rapidly prototyping a suitable concept.

The idea would have to include mechanics that fit logically within the game’s theme, be suitable for a realistic audience, and (most importantly) be fun to play.

Failed (Fyre) Festival

Our first source of thematic inspiration came from the Australian music festival scene, particularly the complications involved with organising such an event. Given the recently increased restrictions on placed on organisers, and the media storm around live music in NSW, this seemed like an interesting idea.

However, like the real thing, the logistical mechanics of organising of a festival quickly became complicated. The theme, while accessible for us, is a globally localised problem, and severely…

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