During week 4 we began brainstorming potential ideas for our group game. We workshopped a ‘music festival’ board game, ‘event organisation’ card game and a number of other variations that toyed with different mechanics and rules.

56189797_2208436395912770_5138257478592495616_n.jpgAfter further exploration and discussion we finally decided to test Meg’s cat game idea. The initial aim of the game was to try keep the cat away from chocolate. We workshopped this, exploring different angles, aims, mechanics, and rules. Our idea transformed from a board game in to a card game and we changed our audience a number of times, finally choosing to focus on children and families.

We drew inspiration from a number of sources. The unpredictability concept and the card flipping mechanic was inspired by The Resistance, while the different genre cards emanates a Pokemon-esque feel.

As our audience are children and families the narrative of our game is fairly…

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