Tokaido – Board Game Review


Blog Post 1. Posted in Week Three. Provide an analysis of a board game played during class. Focus on the game developer, publisher, designer, illustrator, theme, mechanics, rules and personal experience.

I will admit, going into the initial board game experience was something I was openly not fond of. A group of 5 of us decided to play the game “Tokaido”. The idea of the game is that you are going on a ‘holiday’ and are immediately transported to Japan. The initial setting up of the game was incredibly tedious, and after reading the instructions we still found ourselves lost in how the game mechanics were actually supposed to work.

After finally giving in and seeking out help from our trusty friend, Google, we were finally able to (almost) understand all the little tokens, game pieces and various cards that have to be placed around the board. Here is a…

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