Ashleigh Lockton

In week 3 of BCM 300 (Game Making) I played the board game Tokaido. This game is a Japanese Board game designed by Antoine Bauza. The word Tokaido means “eastern sea route”, the board features one of the five routes from the Edo period in Japan as it is based on traveling (theme) through the coast of Japan. Published by Funforge in 2011, the game features beautiful illustrations by Xavier gueniffey durin.

Game mechanics are the methods of agents that are designed for interactions with the game that allows players to engage and experience a game. The game features four different mechanics throughout the game, these include point to point Movement, set collection, time track and variable player powers. Point to Point movement is the way that the players move throughout the board, this is between different points on the same line. This mechanic is used for the track that…

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