You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me

Meggen Pigram

As you can probably guess from the title, our game involves cats. Sunny, Grace, Verity, and I initially struggled to settle on a solid game idea last week in class. After completing the game sparks activity we went with my original idea, a game in which the aim was not to kill the cat (by chocolate). I think this idea stemmed from my love for cats and my dark sense of humour (I promise I don’t actually think cats dying is funny).

56306703_1033155436872542_1462812264120713216_n.jpg Our muse, Bowie.

It seemed that with each new idea for mechanics and narratives, there came a fresh problem: how does the game end? How does someone win? How does mechanic x work in conjunction with mechanic y? After a frustrating brainstorming session, we decided to meet up a few days later, after working on the idea individually. One of the viewings from week 4…

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