Escape! Our Board Game Prototype

For the past two weeks in our BCM300 subject we have been tasked with creating our own board games in groups of four. I was placed in a group with Jesse, Ryder and Cailem, and through our meditation we began to make a survival race game that focuses on finding losers rather than winners. With this concept in mind, we delved deeper into what this game could become, by creating scenarios, rule sets and finally play testing our first prototype. Below, I will describe the game as it currently stands, as well as discuss our individual contributions and what we would like to get out of the game before the deadline next week.

To begin, the point of the game is to get to the end point before the other players, whilst running away from the falling rows behind you. The end goal of the race is to find a loser however, which is done by making the finish line something that only three of the four players can get to. This mechanic is used to create a stressful environment wherein, through the use of card power ups that can buff or debuff others, you can make alliances or enemies of other players as you try to help or hinder their way to the finish line.

The cards the players are able to use have different buffs and debuffs. Examples include +1 or -1 to movement speed, and the ability to place down ‘obstacles’ in the way of their competition. These obstacles are used to slow down players in their attempt to get to the finish line, with each obstacle having its own method of doing so. For example, I came up with the idea the fire obstacles would force a player back one square for a turn as the flames were too hot, water obstacles would make a player move at half speed, and debris obstacles would cause a player to be stuck for one round while they moved the obstacle. These obstacles would probably, in a perfect world, come in the game box shaped like the obstacles they are, or would perhaps be squares or tokens of differing colors.

The theme of the game is still being debated, though at the end of the last seminar we seemed to be set on a haunted house. Our first idea for the game was a sinking ship, perhaps based on the Titanic, with the rising water being the catalyst for the race. This however proved troublesome, as it made it so if you fell into the water early in the game, you were out, thus creating a boring game for those kicked out early. It was then suggested to us to create ‘ghost’ characters, who would be able to effect the game board and try to hinder those who got them killed using obstacle cards.

Overall, we are still in the planning stages for this board game, and a lot needs to be completed over the next week to ensure we have a product to display for people during our pitch. That list of things includes making the card properties and writing their narratives, discussing and finalising our theme and running over our rules one final time.

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