time to go back to school.


At some point in all our lives, we sit back and wish we had a chance to do it over – retry that date, win that argument, even re-do our time at uni.  Would we study a little harder, socialise more, or drop out entirely?  What better way to do it again than through a little tabletop card game?  Welcome to Game of University.

Assuming the role of a student trying to graduate university at any cost, Game of University is a turn-based card game created by Tate, Robert, Ijumaa and myself.  The game’s theme was born naturally through our own struggles to pass out subjects, and many elements of gameplay were influenced by our experiences in an attempt to capture the essence of student life.

The game relies on two key mechanics – statistics and cards.

  • Statistics:  Every player has a set of statistics, each on a…

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