Individual Board Game Design Project: Drowned Rats

Sunny Commandeur

The Brief:

With some group board game design experience under our belts, it’s time for the class to start work on our individual game projects. Over the next three weeks, I’ll be building up a dossier following the process of designing a new board game, from beginning to end.

The project can be broken down into four base stages: ideation, prototyping, playtesting and refinement. So far, I’ve moved through the ideation process, and almost have a basic, working prototype.

Ideation – Finding a Start Point

Easily the stage I had the most difficulty with, ideation involved generating the game’s creative spark, flowing on into its theme and mechanical design.

I used multiple brainstorming sessions to explore potential themes. My lecturer, Chris Moore, suggested using rhyme to create unlikely connections between words; ‘pedantic, pyromaniac pirates’ for example. Personally, I found it difficult, instead opting to explore different ideas and settings, and coming…

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