Move Aside Fortnite, Apex and PUBG, there’s a new Battle Royale!


Name:   Atomize Royale

Age Range:   14+

Genre:   Competitive, Strategy, Player vs Player

No. of Players:   2-6

Materiality:   Circular Board with hexagonal positions (similar to photosynthesis), Colour Tokens (like monopoly), Deck of Cards (1 for Items [weapons or status], 1 for ability selection), a single die, 1 red ring/block object or equivalent.

Duration:   Multiple rounds, games could go as quick as 5-10min, or as long as 20-30min, depending on amount of players

How to win:


  • Decide on how many rounds or time limit group wants to play. During each round, the goal is to be the last remaining player on the board and/or try for as many eliminations as possible.
  • Points are distributed based on no. of players (e.g. if there are 6 players, then, 6pts for 1st, 5pts for 2nd, 4pts for 3

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