Live Till the End

Game prototype and playtesting


In the course of Game Cultures, we start the brainstorming at Week8 in class. At the beginning, my three thoughts are:

  • Two teams fight in a Monopoly-style game. Instead of purchasing buildings, using credits to buy props that can cause the other team markdown.

Why I didn’t choose this one:
I find it is hard to make the roll the dice and move the mechanic to be more interesting. We adopt the Monopoly system for the group game, but when we do the play-testing, I realize everyone is basically repeating the same action throughout the whole process. The American style fortune-based game makes, A, there is little interaction between players, and B, there is a few needs to consider the strategy.

However, I still think the confrontation between the two teams will be fascinating.

  • Hide and Seek in a board game version.

Why I didn’t…

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