The game which doesn’t have a name yet because I really suck at naming things and everything I think of is either really generic or just sounds awful. That being said I really need to get onto choosing one soon.

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During my recent trip to China I planned on putting aside some time for idea generation for my individual assignment, making a game. Of course once I was in holiday mode and doing things most days I made absolutely zero progress on this plan which left me in an awkward situation after getting back of scrambling for an idea that I could use. It wasn’t until the evening before I was expected to have my idea that I realised what better source for my idea than something from my recent trip away?

My initial idea was to create a game about trying to sneak contraband through customs at an airport. I love this idea because it allows for a heavily deceit based game which is something I find fascinating with regards to player interaction in any game. But with these two things in mind I wasn’t able to get another…

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