Gangs Undead

Noah Jay Anderson

What i’ve realised throughout BCM300 is the importance and impact of theme. A theme can push and create and entire world for the players, immersing them in an experience away from the ordinary and into the purity of board game play.

So my theme, Gangs Undead. I know i wanted to combine as many interesting, cool and dystopian type elements into my board game as possible. Much alike our group game, i am pushing the aesthetic as the central driver of the game, but without an over-reliance on the theme avoiding it becoming the only interesting quality.

My Theme

Enter a cityscape-dystopia split into four factions. The four factions have developed and evolved completely seperate from each other with no outside influence. The four factions have become, a Day of the Dead Mexico, a 1920’s industrial England, A futuristic Neo-Tokyo and a 5th century Middle Ages. In the centre of…

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