The Creation of My Game: Bandwidth Bandits

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Friday 3rd of May 2019.

We returned to our first class after 2 weeks break due to the non-teaching week and the mid-session break. Our tutor opened the class with some light conversation. Once the majority of  the class had arrived, he commenced the week 8 seminar on Game Design Experience: Individual Game Project. A dry title, but necessary information.

Once the seminar was completed, our tutor gave us an exercise to get our creative juices flowing. He handed out a sheet of paper with the numbers 1-5 listed in descending order. With the sheet of paper we had to complete a simple task. Create the titles for 5 games in two minutes. I came up with names like Allegations Against an Alligator and Cloud or Chem-trail. But the one that stood out to me the most was Bandwidth Bandits.

20190529_124534.jpgOnce I had the title I started…

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