Making Stealing Starfish

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Friday March 29th 2019. Location Wollongong University, main campus building 25, room 150. Subject BCM 300. Game Making.The gang was back together. But this time we weren’t playing games, we were making them.

8:30am. The day begins as normal, with Chris’s subject lecture. Themes and Mechanics. After which we split up into our usual groups to begin the next stage in the assignment, game development. Louis, Dylan, Shania and myself we’re handed by Chris a bag of assorted goodies, to use as a jumping off point for our ideas.

themes and mechanics.pngIn the bag were a deck of cards, a set of 10 sided dice with larger values on each one, two regular six-sided die, a bag full of colourful Meeple, and a set of tokens from a different game. The tokens we’re still untouched, waiting to be pulled away from there cardboard casing.

IMG_20190405_104513.jpgOne by one we pulled each item out…

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