My Personal Experience With Carcassonne

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Friday March 15th 2019. Location Wollongong University, main campus building 25, room 150. Subject BCM 300. Game Making.

8:30am start. We all slowly enter the room one by one. As I enter I  look for a desk by the window. It was a good morning and I wished to enjoy it as much as I could. The other members of my group entered finding the first seat they could, located on the opposite side to mine. Dylan, Shania and Louis all fellow members of the Bachelor of Digital Media. We’ve studied in the same classes for the last 2 years, and now we go into 2019. This is our last year to complete this degree.

IMG_20190315_111330_1.jpgAfter the first hour our tutor Chris Moore completes his seminar, giving us an insight plus ideas for the upcoming assessments. After the presentation the class splits up into our groups, along with selecting a…

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