BCM 215 Game Media DA Pitch – A Nervous Twitch

Hey BCM BOIS!! Here is ‘A Nervous Twitch’ my DA for Game Media Industries, it explores the viability of full time streaming through the Twitch Affiliate Program!

The Arkon Agency

Welcome back guys, Arkon here again with yet another Digital Artefact pitch. Getting better with age, this process is like a fine wine. Today I’m introducing ‘A Nervous Twitch’, my investigation into the Affiliate Program and the first step on the road to becoming a full-time twitch partner.

Several factors have influenced my decision to pitch this as this session’s DA, beyond the obvious interest in the general field. A recent event actually triggered my rush to get onto the scene. That event has a name and his name is NINJA. After his big announcement that he was jumping ship to join Microsoft MIXER, it is my belief that Twitch will be not only attempting to lock down their other big names such as Dr. Disrespect and TFue, but will be looking for the up and comers in the community. They may also bring the so-called  Partnership Contracts MIXER is…

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  1. Here is my comments regarding your pitch

    Firstly, I like the concept of the idea to train and discuss the difference between experiencing twitch as a casual and what it is like for a professional steamer on Twitch. It’ll be interesting to see how your concept will be structured and how not discussing certain areas such as the effect of gender or that will effect your DA. I like how you are focusing solely on this one area of your idea and as a non-streamer, I’ll be looking forward to seeing how one can rise in the ranks using streaming such as Twitch or that.

    The video itself is simple and well down, I thought the usage of music was a nice add as the music didn’t drown out your audio. The audio itself was, to me a bit soft and it sounded like there was times were this was your only take and there was some odd audio pieces in there but that can simple be changed by re-recording your audio.

    Your blog itself is short and to the point which is effective as it is able to get the point across fairly quickly.

    Overall, I am looking forward to seeing how this project unfolds and wish you all the best 🙂


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