Digital Artefact Project Pitch

Caitlin Olsen

For decades mental health and gaming have been affiliated in a negative sense. The media continually personifies false and insufficient perceptions to large audiences including parents of younger children who participate in game play. These concepts have contributed to a colossal stigma surrounding gaming and those who partake. For instance the recent tragic shootings in the US were very quickly associated with video games. The theory remains persistent in the headlines of articles read worldwide. Evident in President Donald Trump’s speech where he states that video games are somewhat accountable for the shootings, “gruesome and grisly video games” contribute to a “glorification of violence”. Whilst also referring to “mental illness and hatred [pulling] the trigger, not the gun” (Siddiqui 2019). It is obvious that somebody in such a high position with limitless power and control can be persuading and believable… to some of us anyway.

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Headline pictured in ‘The…

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  1. Hey Caitlin,

    Just had a read over your blog, I really liked how you stated many certain facts, and evidence of sources surrounding the current idea of video games being associated with violence, gun shootings and in all this idea of vilification and danger. By introducing all these eye-opening statements and sources I was able to continue reading your blog with these facts at the back on my mind, as you were able to teach me a little bit about your topic before jumping right into your actual intentions, media format and trajectory.

    Focusing on the positive element in video games should be interesting as non-video game users and adults instantly associate the negative aspect in them, so I like the take you’re using here, and you’ve definitely found a wide variety of sources that prove so as well.

    You said you wanted to go ahead with visual essays, which I think will be an excellent way to go about it, using the visual essays through a comparative study will definitely make this project very fascinating and well- researched, allowing someone like me who isn’t an active gamer to understand the psychology behind game formats, characters, visuals etc.

    I really enjoyed your YouTube video as well and found that you covered exactly everything that was needed in this pitch, as I was able to exit the video and make sense to what your Digital Artefact will begin to look like.

    The only thing I can recommend for next time, is structuring and formatting your blog a little more neatly (which is such a minor thing), have a think about putting all the font in the same size and colour, and by just aligning your blog so it all looks neat and structured!

    I included a link here as well that I think can really relate your project perfectly, it’s also a media reaction if you want to call it, and as you’ve found some really relevant academic sources, I think this video will be a great visual aspect you could add in one of your three visual essays. I also think it will be a great example of communications and media, as it highlights your topic as newsworthy and relevant, by featuring an interview with a University professor discussing your topic on CNN.

    This could be a perfect example to link with an academic quote or theory!

    Otherwise great job! And good luck!

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