Loot Boxes: “Suprise Mechanics” or Exploitative Tricks

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As someone who enjoys playing video games, or a “Gamer”, I have very strong thoughts about look boxes and how they are implemented in video games. Since video games are much more immersive than films, there is a sort of ownership surrounding video games that gamers have. So when something is changed or added about/into a person’s favourite video game, then they usually get angry. Take Pokemon Sword and Sheild for example of ‘gamer rage’. Back in June of this year, the developer team of Pokemon Sword and Sheild announced that they will not be including certain pokemon in the new games. This, justifiably, outraged a majority of the fan base as the National Dex has been a staple of the pokemon games for many years. Also, it directly went against the pokemon catchphrase of “Gotta Catch ‘em all”. There has also been examples of fan outrage specifically…

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