Violent video games translating into aggression when returning to reality?


The arrival of every new communication technology has sparked moral panic about the influence of the medium on children and young adults. Although researchers can not agree if violent video games are impacting individuals aggression. “Researchers have hypothesized that playing violent-content video games will result in aggression based on theories associated with violent television viewing including social learning, neo-associative networks, arousal, and catharsis.” (Sherry 2001) Although much debate surrounds this statement with many believing that violent television viewing is very different to violent video gaming. Television viewers can break concentration (passive viewing) and still follow the story, whereas video game players cannot break concentration (active viewing). Furthermore, video game violence is much more abstract in contrast to realistic violence broadcasted on television. Studies have shown that greater aggression results from viewing more realistic graphic content on television as it is more realistically perceived. 

In contrast to this research, a vast amount…

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