Can I be a Gamer and have good Moral Character?

According to Jason

Presenting my pitch for a new live stream: “The Moral Gamer” (working title)

The Moral Gamer

The Gamer’s Dilemma has fascinated me since I first learned about it years ago. I am excited to be able to delve deeper into it and other philosophical concepts using live streams as a medium. As stated in the video above I am starting with one of my all time favourite games: Bloodborne on the PS4. This topic has already led to some debate on the official subreddit when I posted about it:

Posing the Question

Some Support and advice

Things I didn’t consider

During my pitch I also mention the philosophical concepts of deontology, virtue ethics and utilitarianism. These concepts have come up a bit when discussing my idea on reddit and have opened up this project to deal with a little more moral philosophy than just what has been presented in Morgan…

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