Do Physical copies of Video Games still have a future or will Digital distribution become the future?

An Aussie Abroad

For my BCM212 Digital Artefact, I have decided to discuss the topic about whether or not Physical copies of games are still seen as the main distribution of video games to customers or whether Digital distribution will become the main source for both publishers and gamer’s alike.

This topic, I believe is becoming more and more relevant within the community as online distribution such as the PSN, Microsoft Store and the Nintendo E-Shop are providing gamers a place to go and browse a variety of games whilst being able to purchase them from the comfort of their own homes. For some people, this is more comfortable for them as they feel more comfortable in their own home, they don’t want to go out and see what stores have to offer as everything they need is at their fingertips

For me, my first experience with any sort of digital games or…

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